I recently worked with a very sweet, hard working, couple that recently had a baby.  They had been renting a room from a friend, but the friend did not welcome the baby and they had to live with their family for a while.  They were looking at renting, but with small dogs it was very hard to find a place, and what they could find was way out of their budget.  They did not have superb credit, there score was in the low 600s.  They did not have great earnings, they were able to claim under $40,000/year.  Because they just had a baby, and had taken time off, they did not have money to put down.  Their situation looked pretty bleak.  BUT I KNEW WE COULD HELP THEM!

I was able to connect them with a lender who found a grant program to cover their down payment.  We then had to find a seller willing to cover closing costs, which we did.

This lovely couple now owns their own home, and is paying a mortgage less than rent would have been.  They have room for their dogs, their baby, their stuff & are homeowners earning equity instead of throwing their money away.

If you want to talk about your options, please call me.  I am here, ready to help.