Are you looking to sell?  

Did you know you can go online and sell your home via a website without showing it to buyers, and often closing in a few weeks?

You can.  It was time for me to do some researching and reading up on these newish options for sellers- called iBuyers.

I expected to see that these companies purchase the home at or below market value.  Of course they do. Their model depends on the homes being re-sellable, and they can’t expect to sell homes over market value.  When these iBuyer’s sell they incur expenses. The iBuyer must be able to sell the purchased property for $Purchase Price + $Carrying Costs + $ Re-Sell Expenses.  

It was worth noting that the iBuyer will come to the seller asking for them to either make requested repairs, or reduce the offer price equal to the cost of those repairs, further reducing the net sales price.

I was curious as to what the fees are.  I saw a sentence stating that OpenDoor charges a 7% transaction fee.  SERIOUSLY? For what??? It is a software that offers you less money for your home than it is worth.  Other fees were quoted as high as 12%!!!!

Depending on your equity in the home, your urgency to sell & personal aversion to stress – at first glance, it may be worth it for the right seller.  This is just not true.

We have excellent success selling homes quickly.  If you want a quick sale, with limited inconvenience but don’t want to leave money on the table, call me.  have a proven method to encourage multiple offers and be under contract within 7 days, and many past customers who can verify that.  Whatever your terms, we can do that.

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