Today the town council of Fort Myers Beach approved language updating their Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance with a 3-2 vote. Here are the highlights

– Registration of all dwelling units. While a voluntary registration is already in place, the new fine structure dictates this registration as mandatory. These are required annually.
– Assigned registration number on all signage, advertisements, listings for rental property.
– Vacation rentals are now treated as Business’ as this language amends Chapter 10 of the town charter relating to businesses on the island.
– Detailed information of property owner and management personnel if applicable.
– Condo Associations may “Opt Out”, thus self enforcing the Code violations, however this does not elimiate the need for a registration of those properties but it does allow for the COA to pay only 1-$100 registration fee for an entire building, not per unit.
– property owners, operators, rental agents, guests, other occupants of the property may be charged with a violation.
– We have 90 days to be in compliance from today!

If you own vacation rentals or are considering purchasing vacation rentals and want to know more please call us. We are here to hlp