Florida offers many of the best Universities & Colleges in the Nation.  Florida also offers amazing discounts for Florida residents.

If you have children that will be attending college in Florida, I can help you save A TON of money on tuition.   How does $64,000 for a 4 year degree sound? That opportunity is real…. Check out UCF alone:

Here is what we have learned:

  • Residency rates apply if you have have owned a property in the state of Florida for 1 year +1 day from time of first class attendance.
    • This means if your child will be attending college fall Semester beginning in 2020, you will want to own a property anywhere in Florida by August 1, 2019 to take advantage of in-state rates!  
  • Time of actually occupying the home is not important
  • Homestead is not required to be claimed
  • One owner must also have a Florida issued drivers license
  • There are no restrictions regarding what state the student graduated high school!

In addition to giving you a year round piece of paradise, purchasing a residence in Florida may allow you to take advantage of In-State Residency rates for your children’s education.  

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Though we believe this information remains accurate, please call your college of choice admissions office to verify their specific requirement for applying for in-state rates!  All information to be validated by the buyer for accuracy. Agents accept no responsibility for any changes or incorrect information relayed.