ANOTHER PROPERTY SOLD ~ The Nichols Team can manage any real estate transaction. Even when you find the buyer!

Lately, we have had a few past customers contact us to manage the paperwork involved in selling their home.  These friends/clients of ours already had a buyer, but found they were not comfortable making sure the transaction went smoothly on their own.  We love helping people.  Period.  If that means all we do is expertly manage the transaction and assist both parties through the process, then that is what we do.  Of course, this option saves the sellers some money…. and that is ok too!  We will even honestly tell you what the value is to make sure you aren’t losing more than you save.
If you are considering selling, even if you want to try and sell it yourself, call us.  We are here to help & want to make the process as smooth as possible for you, regardless of who finds the buyer.

The Nichols Team at Jones & Co. Realty. We want to help you Grow, Prosper, MOVE.