Recently, I worked with  the funnest, sweetest family.  They lived in a well decorated, but small 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom/ 2 car garage home in the San Carlos Park area.  They wanted to upgrade to a larger house, with a larger yard to better accommodate their 3 dogs…. OH and they wanted a pool.

Lucky for me, their boss is a dear friend & previous customer of mine so he shared my name & his experience with me- and they hired me to help them with the move.

There are a lot of moving pieces when selling a home and then moving.  First, you have to actually get your house under contract.  Then you have to find a new house.  In their situation, they needed to close on the sale of their home PRIOR to buying a new house because they wanted to take advantage of their VA LOAN.  However, in order to use VA Lending, your previous mortgage must be paid in full.

Fortunately, the buyers of the home they were selling were willing to let them live there until they could close on the house they were buying.  This allowed for a smooth transition from their previous house to a new one.  WIN-WIN

Having a competent, detail oriented agent working with you on the sale of one home and the purchase of another is the best way to insure an enjoyable experience,  Please, if you are interested in relocating within SWFL, please call me.  I would love to chat with you and explain why I am the best agent to help you with your needs.