Grow. Prosper. Move!

We get lots and lots of referrals. We cherish everyone!  

We’ve gotten them from friends, family, pastors, past customers, neighbors, people we went to school with, people we used to work with, business leaders, networking acquaintances, retirees, bankers, lenders, title companies, and the list goes on.  

Sadly, you rarely hear me give a SHOUT OUT or a THANK YOU to any of them.  WHY???  That’s easy,  we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Everybody knows a REALTOR®!  In fact, most people who refer us business have a friend or family member who is a REALTOR®  

If we publicly thanked people for the referral, they would have to explain themselves to their friend/family/etc….

Today, we want to thank everyone who shares The Nichols Team name when somebody is looking for a REALTOR® (especially when they have a REALTOR® they may have a closer personal relationship with.)  Knowing you trust us to take the best care of your friends/family means more to us than you know.   In an industry that forbids kickbacks or thank you gifts for referrals, it means a lot that you take the time to share our name, even over the names of your loved ones

Grow. Prosper. Move!