This is why I do what I do!!!  I just had the pleasure of working with a 19 year old, first time home buyer.  It was such an honor to be referred to him…. the referring party?  His Grandmother’s BEST FRIEND who I have known professionally for nearly 10 years.

I pride myself on taking time to walk people through the process, explaining each step as we go, and insuring that nothing gets dropped.  Working with a buyer who is so unfamiliar with the process is not only a GREAT refresher for me to remember just how little the average home buyer knows about the process, but also a true JOY.

This particular buyer was paying cash.  This means there was no lender forcing the buyer to get insurance.  The day before closing, when I realized that the insurance policy was still not bound, I was able to reach out to the UNDERWRITER and BUYER to remind them BOTH that THE POLICY NEEDS TO BE IN EFFECT!  I know the likelihood of there being a flood or fire tomorrow is slim to none, but I feel great knowing that I picked up the ball where it could have been dropped!!

As many closings, this was not without hiccups… we had inspection issues, Condo issues, and mostly title issues…. The title company was out of town & did things very differently than I am used to.  Knowing that the only reason everything worked out is because I was able to suggest win/win, outside of the box solutions to successfully navigate the hurdles with the Condo Association AND the Title Company makes me smile.

I have worked with many first time buyers, and each time I am reminded just how rewarding it is.  If you, or someone you know, is looking to buy your first home or condo PLEASE THINK OF ME.

Until next time- Grow.  Prosper.  Move!