I have been fortunate to work with many homeowners who bought during the boom and have been STUCK ever since.  It has been extremely rewarding for me to help these homeowners sell their home.  Prior to meeting with me, many thought they were still UPSIDE DOWN and could NEVER SELL.  Turns out, they were wrong.

Recent price increases in SWFL are giving thousands of homeowners the opportunity to sell their homes and walk away WITHOUT ruining their credit.  Some of these Homeowners have even made money and were able to use their profit to buy a new home.  Others decided that owning isn’t for them right now, and decided to rent.  ALL feel a sigh of relief when selling the home that had been OWNING them.

If you are wondering what your home is currently worth…. or know someone who is, please give me a call.  I am happy to give you an honest estimate of your home’s CURRENT MARKET VALUE.  Should the value allow for you to sell without bringing money to the table, I would love to manage the process for you.  I offer QUICK response times, honest answers AND effective marketing to insure your home sells as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.

Please call me if you have any questions about your home, the process of selling OR the Real Estate Market as a whole!