1. I have better information to assess a home’s value. Homes listed with a licensed full-time real estate agent sell for nearly 26 percent more than FSBO listings—even after factoring in the agent’s commission—according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Why? Mainly because agents have intimate knowledge of the local market and what price it will support. Homeowners may have an idea of what price they want to ask for, but that figure is often not in alignment with market fundamentals. I have the professional training to assess your’ situation and position your home to sell for maximum value.
  2. I know where the system is broken. Full-time agents know where the traps lie in a real estate transaction. Appraisals, for example, are a big setback when they come in lower than expected. I know when it’s the product of a misinformed appraiser and when to seek a second opinion. Also, some federal regulations have put sellers at a disadvantage when it comes to appraisals, and my knowledge of how to work around them can save many deals. I go the extra mile to provide appropriate comps to appraisers, helping to shape their opinion on pricing and maintain an upward trajectory of home value.
  3. I’m a professional dealmaker. Common sense might dictate that a professional salesperson’s talents are applicable to any industry, but nothing is farther from the truth. The average consumer can’t sell a vehicle as well as a professional car salesperson. The same goes for houses. A natural salesperson might be able to win the confidence of a buyer, but are they prepared for the next step? I can earn a client’s trust, but I also know how to handle contracts, negotiations, etc.  You need that expertise to keep a deal from falling through.
  4. I’m trained to haggle for the best deal. Negotiating is generally done on the back end, when the details of the transaction come to the surface. In order to keep a deal together, you sometimes have to play hardball—especially when the opposing side drags its heels, potentially harming you. Negotiating takes a lot of practice, which I’ve taken the time to master. It’s difficult to hone these specific skills in any other industry.
  5. A Google search won’t teach you what I already know. The real estate business is a closed, esoteric system. You  could search online for the answers to any state or national real estate test, and it still will not give you the full knowledge I possess. Buyers and sellers might be able to glean the basics of filling out a contract—but then what? Even if you could find every answer to every possible question, how long would that take? Google is indeed an incredible gateway to knowledge, but it is no substitute for the hours, days, and years I’ve spent applying knowledge to real-life scenarios.
  6. I do most of the thinking for my clients. The brain is a muscle, and when muscles are overused, they get sore and need recuperation. I can supply peace of mind—literally—to clients by handling the most taxing parts of a transaction for you. And that’s worth every penny of a commission. My clients don’t need to tax their brains in an attempt to gain knowledge or information I already have.  You can focus on their bottom line while I engage with those who want a piece of it.
  7. When I make money, you benefit. I might make a $30,000 commission on a million-dollar home, but I don’t keep all that money to myslef. Some of it goes back to you in the form of rewards for loyal customers, gas and meals when taking customers out on a day of showings, not to mention marketing expenses such as MLS fees, Google ads, listing photography, signs, and open house events, all to help sellers find a buyer for their home. I put my money where my mouth is.
  8. I’m properly trained. It’s not possible to do what I do at our skill level without the proper training it takes to understand all the nuances of the industry. Not only am I properly educated and licensed to conduct business,  I am required to take continuing education courses to keep skills in line with current trends. Would you make that kind of commitment?
  9. I have an eye for what sells. Staging is a key factor in selling a home for its full value. I know which improvements or repairs will bring maximum return on investment.  I keep up with home style trends in order to make a property stand out and catch buyers’ attention. I’m skilled in portraying a story with listing photos, and know how to highlight the attributes of a home and properly address the drawbacks.
  10. I work in an age-old industry that has weathered ups and downs. The REALTOR® brand has been around for more than 100 years, and I am carrying on a legacy of continually putting systems into place to help consumers, set industry ethics standards, and find better marketing solutions. I’m backed by industry leaders who lobby for better training and laws that protect you from fraud. And in the end, my clients are better off because of it.